20 Gram Sample, Gold Bali


White Maeng Da Indo is one of the most potent, powerful strains in regards to energy and stimulation that Tribal Dude’s has to offer.


This is a 20 gram sample.


Gold Bali is a red veined kratom dried utilizing a different technique. Farmers say that it is either sun dried or partially fermented. Whichever method used, one thing is certain, people adore it! Known for having a high alkaloid content, its effects lean on the red and green end of the range. Gold Bali is known as one of the more potent, yet cheaper strains, making it affordable and now widespread.



Gold Bali has a wide array of effects making it one of the more desirable strains on the market, and because of this, gold Bali is set apart from other strains of kratom. Some of the more well-known effects are as follows:

  • Relaxation
  • Anti-anxiety
  • Pain relief
  • Appetite
  • Mood enhancement



One of the most evident properties of gold Bali kratom is its relaxation and anxiolytic effects, making it a highly sought after strain. Most users claim to have an intense lessening in anxiety after taking it. Similar to pain killing, relaxation from kratom is usually accompanied by sedation, which is definitely the case with gold Bali kratom.


Pain Relief

The modus operandi for gold Bali kratom is its prominent pain killing effects. This effect, combined with the affordability of this strain, makes it widely used by those who suffer with pain. People looking for a strain that is a high-quality for pain, gold Bali is it! It should be noted that red vein strains are some of the most sedating, so understand that when taking gold Bali, one should start off with the lowest dose possible—as with any kratom.



An infrequently mentioned effect of gold Bali is its effect on appetite. Most users report that actually enhances their appetite, but others report the exact opposite. Personal experience ranges and should be used in moderation until the user know how it will affect their appetite.

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