20 Gram Sample, Red Borneo




Red Borneo

Kratom has been used medicinally in Borneo for thousands of years, but due to increase in demand, consumption has increased drastically over the past ten years or so. Borneo is a large island approximately 300,000 square miles across, and a majority of that is humid, tropical jungle with over twenty-million inhabitants. Most of the island’s kratom is wildcrafted, meaning that it is harvested straightforwardly from wild mature trees. Even though Borneo strains differ contingent on the region and strain, they all share similar features which make them the highest in demand.



Red Borneo is noted to have some of the most pleasurable effects of all the kratom strains we offer. Falling into a red vein strain, it has similar effects of reds because of the ranging alkaloids. It is noted that red vein Borneo is NOT a stimulating stain by any means and is known for its sedative properties. It has effects that are also excellent for reducing stress and anxiety.


Mood Enhancement

As well as being a well know anxiolytic, red Borneo has extreme mood boosting effects. The reason for this is because it is believed to act more on dopamine, which is the “feel good” chemical in our brains the produces euphoria, as well as overall sense of well-being. Note: No kratom should be used in lieu of antidepressants without a doctor’s approval.



Red vein Borneo is known best for its relaxing characteristics. It is an excellent strain for one that is looking to relax, but not feel overly sedated to a point of falling asleep. As noted earlier, red vein Borneo has anxiolytic effects and anxiety reducing properties. This is an amazing strain for reducing stressful thoughts. Red Borneo may be taken as a first line of defense anxiolytic substance before moving on to harsher pharmaceuticals. Note: No kratom should be used in lieu of anxiety medication without a doctor’s approval.



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