20 Gram Sample, White Hulu




This is a 20 gram sample.

White Hulu

This white veined strain of Kratom delivers added vitality to get your day started and maintains a higher level of freshness throughout the work day. Not many people are aware of White Hulu Kratom and benefits. As one of the newer strains, it is gaining responsiveness globally. More and more companies are starting to distribute this strain across the world.


White vein color is noticeably energetic compared to other strains. It provides a mood boost with anxiety and depression relief as well. This vein is excellent for morning or daytime, but may hinder sleep if taken too late at night due to its energizing properties.



As mentioned earlier, the effects of white vein are unique when comparing to different color strains—due to more energizing effects.


Stimulation and Energy

If you were to read through anecdotal evidence regarding white vein kratom, you will find that it is used in the morning and daytime for a clean boost of energy. The energy provided from this strain can be much cleaner, but a little goes a long way. Overdoing it with this strain can cause unwanted anxiety, similar to taking large doses of caffeine. The reason behind the clean boost is because of its energetic and analgesic alkaloids, contributing to stamina supporting effects and lessening pain response. White vein kratom is also widely used as a pre-workout.


Anti-Depressant Effects

Even though most experiences regarding anti-depressant effects have been anecdotal, the general consensus of users of this strain report how useful this strain can be on combating depression. However, these findings have not yet been thoroughly researched or understood.


Nootropic Effects

While white vein strains have minimal research thus far, user’s report increased memory recollect, as well as increased focus. User’s suspect the reason for this is a combination of the energetic and analgesic effects delivered by the strain.


Alkaloid Content

White vein kratom has proportionally higher amounts of mitragynine, with a lesser amount of 7-hydroxymitragynine then found in other strains. Becaause of this, users have reported mixing white vein kratom with a variety of red vein and green vein strains to balance out



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