20 Gram Sample, White Maeng Da





This is a 20 gram sample.

White Maeng Da

White Maeng Da is definitely one of the strongest strains of kratom Tribal Dudes carries. Known for providing quick pain relief and stimulation, this strain is grown in different areas of Thailand. White Maeng Da is grown through a process called grafting. Grafting is the term that refers to the blending of natural and genetically modified plants to give it added effects. White Maeng Da is also known to enhance cognitive functioning and physical readiness without causing added perspiration, heart palpitations, or tremors—dosed modestly.


White Maeng Da is unique in that it provides more than just pain relief and energy; it also gives the user a sense of deeper concentration and cognitive enhancement. Like other white strains, White Maeng Da is used by laborers who perform more intensive jobs. It also can enhance mental activity and is used to increase focus and mental vitality.

Mood Enhancement

White Maeng Da can help fight depression and enjoy social events more. It provokes a state of exhilaration and lightness. At smaller doses, White Maeng Da can help one in socializing and even producing euphoria.


White Maeng Da is an energetic strain that can be used for working or studying long hours. It also provides the user with not only physical energy, but mental energy as well. Because White Maeng Da is stimulating, it is recommended to be used only at lower doses.


Like all other strains of kratom, White Maeng Da is also known for relieving pain and aiding with any discomfort associated with back pain, headache, arthritis, and sprains.

The effects of White Maeng Da usually start manifesting after 15-30 minutes. After the initial talkative feeling from the strain wears off, the consumer is left with focus and mental energy. The usual effects can last 5-7 hours, dosage dependant.


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