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Red Vein Thai

Red vein Thai kratom share the same properties of other red vein kratom products in that they all have reddish veins and stems in their leaves. Differing chemicals in the tree produce the color of a central vein in kratom. Many kratom farmers have noted that red vein strains are produced in the Southeast Asian climate, being more resilient. Red vein Thai is said to be one of the most relaxing strains with positive and emotional well-being effects.



Red vein Thai happens to be one of the best-selling, perhaps second only to Red Borneo. Red vein Thai are known to have longer lasting effects than Borneo stains, but are slightly less potent and powerful when being used as an analgesic to offset pain. This strain is considered an effective opiate alternative and is widely used for a sleep aid, as well as alleviate anxiety. Note: No kratom should be used in lieu of prescription pain medication without a doctor’s approval.



Red vein Thai is an extremely relaxing strain and is great for winding down. There is not going to be a large stimulant effect from this strain, as well as other red’s.


Sleep Aid

Red vein Thai is considered to be an excellent sleep aid due to its sedating properties. Not having stimulating properties, this strain works excellent as a night time substitute for improving sleep.


Mood Enhancement

Even though most strains of kratom that we sell have mood enhancing properties, red vein Thai is noted to be exceptionally good at increasing mood. Although this strain is noted to alleviate depression, it should not be used as a long-term treatment. Please use with care.


Pain Relief

Red vein Thai can be an excellent analgesic. It is known to be stronger than other types of kratom in reducing pain. This strain MAY be an excellent natural alternative to over-the-counter medications, as well as prescription drugs. Note: No kratom should be used in lieu of prescription pain medication without a doctor’s approval.


Length of Effects

One of the best benefits of red vein Thai is that it has a rather long lasting effect in comparison to all other strains of kratom, making this an excellent property for pain relief and sleep.


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