Yellow Maeng Da




Yellow Maeng Da

Tribal Dude’s Yellow Maeng Da is a more mysterious strain of kratom among the community. Our trusted farmer just sent this strain to us as a “Must” to get out to our customers. As explained, it is a yellow slow strain that is grown in Indonesia as well as Vietnam—Tribal Dude’s is from Indo. The leaf is not yellow to begin with. It is said that it is a young white that gets it color through the drying process, which is considered more intricate among kratom farmer’s. As a result of this drying process, the yellow has a very distinctive scent compared to its little brother white, which makes for an extremely unique kratom experience. Yellow Maeng Da is a fairly energizing strain due to its higher alkaloid content.


Yellow Maeng Da is receiving praise from kratom users across the country as it is being slowly introduced by only a handful of vendors. Yellow Maeng Da has a quick onset which gives the customer a clear head, elevated mood, and a clear sense of visual awareness.


Yellow, like white, gives the customer an experience of immediate onset stimulation. This can last for a few hours depending upon dosing and MOA—usually a little bit longer when done with a toss and wash.

Analgesic Effects

Yellow Maeng Da is not as potent of a pain relieving strain as reds and greens, but there is still an analgesic effect in even small doses, which can definitely assist with mild pain.

Mood Elevation

One of the more unique effects of Yellow Maeng Da is its almost instantaneous feelings of clarity and mood elevation. This particular strain brings a sense of mental clarity and overall energy that other strains do not.

Tribal Dude’s recommend that every kratom customer have Yellow Maeng Da in their mix of strains. We are sure you will be happy with this product!

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