Green Hulu Sample


Green Hulu

Green Hulu’s name originates from the area of Indonesia where it is harvested; the Kapuas Hulu area in Western Kalimantan in the heart of the Borneo Island. Using the banks of the Kapuas river to harvest this amazing strain, the careful leaf selection cannot be done by just any farmer, as it is a job for the more skilled, veteran farmers of this craft. This process makes the alkaloids in this strain extremely pronounced. Green Hulu is a highly desirable, sought out strain that is known for its many qualities which include: stimulation, energy, pain relief, and in higher doses, sedation.

Weight: 30 grams.




The alkaloids in Green Hulu produce an overall sense of well-being and balanced out emotions. Along with an increased boost of energy and focus, there is an overall synergy that cannot be compared to other strains of botanical. Proper dosing of Green Hulu gives users of this strain a balance of positive outlook and mental clarity, along with pain relief.


Green Hulu is a long lasting strain, with gentle stimulation lasting a few hours before slipping into a calm sedation. Its energizing effects can last anywhere from three to five hours which make Green Hulu an excellent “work” or “motivation to do work” strain. Less is definitely more with this strain.

Analgesic Effects

Even though red strains are commonly known for their pain relieving properties, Green Hulu should not be dismissed as an amazing, inclusive analgesic. This strain can easily be mixed with a red strain—or Tribal Dude’s personal favorite, Green Hulu and Midnight Borneo—for a long lasting sense of pain relief from arthritis to fibromyalgia. NOTE: Tribal Dude’s make NO medical claims, rather we just give facts about botanical strain properties, as well as personal anecdotal experiences.

Green Hulu is an overall favorite “go-to” botanical for a long day of work, whether it is manual labor or sitting at a desk. Its combination of energizing, anxiolytic, pain killing, and later on effects of mild relaxation make this the perfect strain for getting things done, accompanied by a great sense of well-being.

Tribal Dudes does not make any medical claims; we only provide information regarding all the different botanicals that we sell. This product has not been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and therefore, is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. See: Import Alert 54-15 issued by the FDA for more information. Must be 18 years or older to buy these products


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