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Crushed Leaf Botanical

Here at Tribal Dudes, not only do we offer a wide variety of botanical powder, but we also offer 3 different strains of crushed leaf botanical as well. So, how does crushed leaf compare to powder? The answer really is not one that is that straight forward, but to summarize, crushed leaf offers a unique effect compared to that of powder due to its different alkaloid profile.

When making botanical tea, crushed leaf is arguable the better option because it can make a stronger tea compared to that of powder. Even though when using botanical powder, the alkaloids can be extracted effectively, the leaves allow for better, more efficient concentration of the primary alkaloids, which are the treats that fuel the plants many benefits. Also, crushed leaf can be used two to three times over—not losing much potency along the way—which makes it more efficient in terms of mileage. As a result of this, you not only get more bang for your buck, but you also can make a pretty potent tea!

Crushed leaf botanical is the closest that the consumer is going to get to the leaves of the mature botanical tree. In other words, consumption can lend itself to the original ritual roots botanical was and still is consumed. It has been known for farmers of botanical to pick the leaves off the tree and simply chew on them in their “quid” form. With crushed leaf at your disposal you do not have to travel to Southeast Asia to indulge in this practice, rather you can simulate the traditional method by taking a pinch of crushed leaf and putting in the corner of your mouth—kind of like a tobacco dip only healthier! The effects are almost instantaneous and provide a level of stimulation regardless of strain color. Plus, you can also achieve a respective level of what the particular strain you are utilizing has to offer.

With enough crushed leaf at your fingertips, you can always make powder with the simplest of kitchen equipment—any regular coffee grinder will do. Once it’s ground down fine enough, you can utilize it in whichever method you would normally utilize your botanical powder.

Lastly, crushed leaf is a good botanical tool to have in your arsenal for reasons of keeping tolerance at bay. Crushed leaf botanical contains a greater amount of 9-hydroxycorynantheidine and corynantheidine, the two alkaloids that are known to slow down the buildup of tolerance. Using these parts of the plant can reset a person’s tolerance, reawakening botanical’s original magic. At the least, crushed leaf is an important tool to have on hand to prevent same strain syndrome (SSS)—the name given to the phenomenon of one becoming too accustomed to a particular strain, hence, losing effect.

With that being said, Tribal Dudes offers 3 different strains of crushed leaf botanical to take home to your quiver: Premium Bali, Green Maeng Da, and Red Indo. We are confident that you will be happy with this product in crushed leaf form. Stay thirsty friends!

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