Red Maeng Da


Red Maeng Da

As mentioned early, Maeng Da is by far one of the most powerful strains of botanical. Being that Maeng Da is known to have higher alkaloids and other bioactive compounds which vary in strains, Red Maeng Da brings its own unique benefits for consumers. The differing in botanical’s vein colors will decide the anecdotal assets of each. Here we will give a description of the amazing properties of Red Maeng Da.




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Red veins are mostly associated with analgesic and anxiolytic properties which make it a perfect strain for Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), pain relief, as well as an excellent nighttime strain do to it sedative properties.


Red Maeng Da is specifically known for its pain killing properties. This strain of botanical leaves are natural analgesics, which proves helpful in medicine as a safer alternative to narcotic pain medications because there is NO central nervous system (CNS) depression which stronger prescriptions have. In other words, in the middle of an opioid epidemic that is plaguing our country, you can get pain relief without having to worry about overdosing. NOTE: Tribal Dude’s make NO medical claims and one should always consult with a physician first.

Anxiolytic Properties

Red Maeng Da is also considered a sedative in many ways. This is an excellent reason to take Red Maeng Da because people who live with daily or breakthrough anxiety find immediate relief due to the calming of the CNS. Red Maeng Da is also effective in smaller doses due to the potency of it being in the Maeng Da class, and consumers report that less is definitely more if it is going to be taken during the day.

Red Maeng Da can also be used in an everyday routine. As Maeng Da is a clean and effective strain, it does not need higher doses to stimulate effects. Consumers of Red Maeng Da have reported that it can work in as little of taking 2 grams. Mostly people with anxiety, chronic pain, sleep disturbances report that this is the “go to” strain to aid in these ailments.

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